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At Canadian Dreamz Hyderabad, we understand that when you are born into this world, the first few people you encounter in your life are from your family. They mean the most to you and are an integral part of your life. You share all your emotions and phases of life with them, no matter how good or bad they are. When you grow up and go out to work, you would not want to let go of your family for the sake of earning well. Here is when the family sponsorship program of Canadian Dreamz comes into play. With a little push and help from Canadian Dreamz, the best immigration consultants in Bangalore, you can sponsor your spouse or any other eligible relative or family member to come to Canada with you and live with you while you work.

Our services as an immigration consultancy in Hyderabad, is to provide to you the best advice and solutions on how you can make use of our family sponsorship program in the most optimum way under the given criterion to be eligible for one of your relatives or spouse to come and live with you on the other side of the world. Along with working, you can now also have the support and love of your family right beside you.

To be eligible to apply for the sponsorship program, the person should be your spouse, a dependent child or any other relative including brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews, granddaughters, grandsons, etc. For you to be eligible to sponsor your spouse or relative, you need to follow up with a few factors. Only by undertaking the listed factors, you will be able to sponsor any of your family members.

Eligibility as a sponsor:

  • Age should be 18 years or more

  • Have a permanent residency of Canada or be a Canadian citizen

  • You must be well off to support your sponsored family member financially and the duration of the support may vary from about three to ten years of time span depending on the relationship you are in with that family member of yours. However, you must note that if in the past you have sponsored one of your family members already and have taken government’s financial support, then you may not be able to sponsor any other members for the same.

  • Your spouse to be eligible should be legally married to you and be of the age 18 years or more. you will have to present legal documentation confirming the same. The family member you chose to sponsor must not have been convicted of any criminal activity in the past and must have a clean record in the books of law.

With that said, Canadian Dreamz will be with you throughout the process and guide you in the best way at all the phases to make sure that you are able to undergo with the process in an easy way and no hindrances come in your way.


With Canadian Dreamz, your dream of being with your family in Canada is a fair deal.

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