Provincial Nominee Program

Canadian Dreamz is now part of Dreamz Abroad Consultants Private Limited.

Provincial Nominee Program or PNP allows you to take the Canadian Immigration Programs across several provinces across the country of Canada to choose immigrants who are suitable for their economy and labor market.

At Canadian Dreamz, we offer to you phenomenal services as an immigration consultancy in Hyderabad to bring to you the best blend of services, suggestions, and advices, to help you figure out various PNPs to take the immigration programs across the country of Canada. Our efficient and professional consultants on board will eventually guide you interestingly about all the aspects of the program thoroughly so that in the future you are confident about your choices and decisions. We offer you services in the most exact way which will definitely help you effectively to make use of the Provincial Nominee Program in the best way possible. Along with being an effective consultant, we make sure that we will be by your side at all the times.

As our name suggests, Canadian Dreamz will provide to you in an excellent way to help you in handling all the long procedures by guiding you in and out of all the processes with a team of professional panel of experienced personnel to help you figure out the best PNP for you to take as an immigration program in Canada.

Various PNP programs benefit you in a lot of ways. We will always help you in applying to the most favorable immigration program in the country from numerous streams. Depending on the many kinds of PNP programs, you can choose to be an applicant.

You are liberal on choosing the province you wish to settle in in which we will provide to you the details about all the aspects of choosing the best province for you. Acknowledging your needs and requirements, and all the other factors, we will help you in applying for the PNP program with the best province you should think of settling in.

Going forward with the Provincial Nominee Program, Canadian Dreamz will help you review your applications which will be further analysed on the criteria of points of other criterion factors which are based on a particular province and will be based differently on the factors which various provinces offer. After being analysed on the nomination, you can apply for getting a permanent residency in Canada to IRCC or Immigration Refugee Citizenship Canada.

Our team full of professionals and knowledgeable staff at Canadian Dreamz will help you discover for yourself newer ways to make your way to the country of your dreams, Canada. There are more than 80 PNP streams available for you to choose from and a number of provinces to apply. We make choices easy for you based on your skills, considerations, preferences, needs, and necessities, and shortlist for your various options to choose from which will prove to be the most beneficial for you in all the ways. Canadian Dreamz is designed to aid you find your pathway by being the best Canadian embassy in Hyderabad.  

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